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Bagley, Minnesota

Gateway to Itasca

The Bagley City Council met in regular session on January 10, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Present:  Mayor Sidney F. Michel, Councilmen John Sutherland, Jon Brovold, Chad Bonik, Dennis Merschman (via skype), City Clerk Treasurer Colleen R. Lindgren, and Deputy Clerk Faye Jacobs.

Also present:  Bill Masterson, Keith Kubiak, Tom Lillegaard, Curt Meyer, John Gerbracht, Chris Arnold, Greg Lentz, Aaron Lentz, Kyle Crist, Vickie Fletcher, Jason Murray and Jeremy Hadrava.

Motion was made by Councilman Brovold to approve the minutes of the December 9th & 13th, 2017 meetings.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.

Mayor Michel called upon Curt Meyer, WSN.  The first step for the PFA funding is being done.  Plans have been sent to MPCA and the MN Health Dept. for their review.  Funding applications for PFA are due the end of March.  One extra step is the use of the Mini-intern program.  The City will pay the contractor and PFA will repay the city.    Council needs to approve contacting MN Rural Water on loan funds.  Jordan Lee will attend the February meeting to update the Council more on the funding.  Motion was made by Sutherland to approve Jordan Lee to contact MN Rural Water on the loan funds and to start the process on the project.  Seconded by Brovold, motion carried.  Starting date of the 2018 Street project should be May 1st.  

Jason Murray from David Drown Association was present to talk with the Council about a new TIF Dist.  Greg Leintz gave an update on his project of expanding the current Galen’s Super Market.  He discussed the proposed access to Hwy 92 and hooking up to the storm sewer system.  Murray stated that the proposed TIF District would be a Redevelopment District.  It is a 60 day process and he would propose a March 14th public hearing.  Project does meet the criteria for the District.  A resolution is needed for the calling of a public hearing.  Brovold asked for some numbers which the council can study for the project.  TIF Dist. would run about $175,000 for payments.  The Developer has deposited $9,000 with the City Clerk to set up the district.  Resolution would be to start the process of setting up the district but council still needs to approve the TIF District after the hearing.  Murray will draw up a plan, notifications will go out to the county and school district and then the Public Hearing is held.  The Council will not be locked into anything by passing the Resolution.  Motion was made by Merschman to approve Resolution #4-18 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON THE ESTABLISHMENT OF TAX INCREMENT FINANCING DISTRICT NO. 2-5 WITHIN MUNICIPAL DEVLOPMENT DISTRICT NO. 2.  Seconded by Bonik, motion carried.  Murray will put numbers together and send to the Clerk for the Council.

Jeremy Hadrava updated the Council on the chip seal and re-stripping of Hwy 2.  Project will be let in March 2018.  Will take place at the end of the 2018 Hwy 92 project which should be around August 18th.  To change the driving lanes in the City, DOT must have municipal consent.  This is just a trial project.  If it does not work, then in 2020 it would be changed back to a four lane road.  Motion was made by Brovold to give Hadrava verbal consent at this time to move forward on the project.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.  DOT will be having either a mailer or brochure that will go out to the public.

    Hadrava stated the Hwy 92 project will tentatively begin on May 8th with an August 14th completion date.  Project will be let on February 23rd.

Motion was made by Brovold to approve the Consent Agenda.  Seconded by Bonik, motion carried.  Includes:  1) 2018 Zoning Board Appointments:  Chad Bonik, Bill Masterson, Kraig Fontaine, Jackie Merschman and Mayor Sidney F. Michel.  2) 2018 Library Board appointments:  Kathy Steinmetz, Cassie Dahl, Sarah Schwegel, Tarah Hoyt, and Terri Knutson; 3) 2018 City Attorney appointment:  Chris Hood of Flaherty, Hood P.A.; 4) 2018 contract with County Attorney for Prosecution Services; 5) advertise for gas at the pumps; 6) Resolution #1-18 OFFICIAL NEWS PAPER; 7) Resolution #2-18 OFFICIAL DEPOSITORIES; 8) Resolution #3-18 TRANSFER OF DESIGNATED FUNDS.

Mayor Michel appointed John Sutherland as Vice-Mayor for 2018.

December City receipts in the amount of $725,133.92 were reviewed.

December City budget reports were reviewed.  Total expenses for the month were $369,990.80.

December Liquor Store Profit & Loss was reviewed.

Motion was made by Brovold to transfer the Liquor store depreciation dollars of $28,998.00 to the liquor store checking to cover the purchase of the sign and the difference of $5,316.97 back into the Liquor Store savings account.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.  

Motion was made by Brovold to approve the December payments for both the City and the Liquor Store.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.

Motion was made by Brovold to approve payment of the outstanding bills for both the City and the Liquor Store.  Seconded by Bonik, motion carried.

Department Reports:  Fire Chief John Gerbracht.  Chief asked the Council about the increase in Firemen wages.  Topic will be put on the Council work session.  The DAC has also contacted the Chief about cleaning the fire hall.  Clerk will work with the DAC to do the cleaning.  Deputy Clerk was asked to give the Fire Dept. Secretary a quarterly report on what funds are sent in for payment to the Fire Dept. for fires.  Secretary will also be asked to give the Clerk a quarterly report on billings that she sends out.

No report from the Police Dept.

Liquor Store-Manager Chris Arnold.  Arnold reported on the Liquor Store activities for the month.  Arnold also reported on the use of the new sign.  

Park & Recreation – Annual report was given to the Council on what the Park Board accomplished during the year.  Clerk was asked to put the policy change about park camping reservations on the city web site, newspaper and reunion site.

Zoning-Bill Masterson.  The Railroad is proposing to build a 140 foot tower on the south side of the City.  New carwash will be opened soon.

Public Utilities-Bill Masterson.  Power outage was reported recently and also an internet outage.  Re-transmission agreements have been completed.

Street Department-Bill Masterson.  The Sterling truck has been received back after it was cleaned and repaired.  There is still a smell in it but will be watched.  Couple repairs still need to be done.  Shop boiler needs to be repaired and checked over as this may be fire related.  Masterson has found a light dump truck for sale from Lucken Truck Sales.  Cost is $29,000 plus tax.  A second truck which is a little larger will be coming in next week.  Motion was made by Brovold to purchase the truck.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.

City Hall- Clerk Treasurer Colleen Lindgren.  Clerk read a thank you note to the Council from Enbridge.  Motion was made by Brovold to approve the Clerk to attend the Clerks & Finance Officers conference in Bloomington March 20-23.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.  

Motion was made by Brovold to meet with Townships on Fire Protection Contracts, on February 21, 2018 at 6 p.m.  Seconded by Bonik, motion carried.

Clerk opened the bids on the equipment for sale.  1) Ron Johnson/snow blower/$530.  2) Joel Stenseng/snow blower $555 and 4 in 1 bucket $850.  Motion was made by Bonik to accept the bids of Joel Stenseng.  Seconded by Brovold, motion carried.  

Disclosure reports were received from Ehlers and David Drown Associates.

Further business?  Bonik asked that a Thank you letter be written to JAG Auto Body and the City of Clearbrook for the use of their buildings and plow while the City went through the fire of the City Shop.  Clerk to do so.

Clerk reported that at the Council work session on January 24th, the Pay Equity report will be on the agenda.

Being there was no further business to come before the Board; motion to adjourn was made by Brovold.  Seconded by Bonik, motion carried.