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Bagley, Minnesota

Gateway to Itasca

The Bagley City Council met on January 24, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Present:  Mayor Sidney F. Michel, Councilmen Jon Brovold, John Sutherland, Chad Bonik, Dennis Merschman (via Skype), City Clerk Treasurer Colleen R. Lindgren, and Deputy Clerk Faye Jacobs.

Also present:  Dan Hecht, Bill Masterson and Jeremy Hadrava.

Dan Hecht was present to ask for permission to hold the annual fund raiser for the Firemen’s Relief Raffle at the Firemen’s Ball.  Ball will be held at Timbers Event Center.  Goal is to raise funds for the Jaws of Life.  10% of the funds raised go into the Relief Association.  Motion was made by Sutherland to approve Resolution #5-18 BAGLEY FIREMENS RELIEF GAMBLING PERMIT.  Seconded by Brovold, motion carried.  Members of the Relief Association are discussing a raise in benefits.  Hecht will come back to the Council on this at the next meeting.

Discussion was held on the end of the year budget report for the Fire Department.  Motion was made by Brovold to transfer the remaining 2017 budget dollars into the Fire Dept. Equipment savings account.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.

Discussion was held on the wages for Firemen.  Motion was made by Sutherland to raise the firemen pay to $10.00 per call.  Seconded by Brovold, motion carried.  Discussion was held also on raises for the Officers.  More discussion will be held at the meeting with the Townships on Feb. 21st.  

Jeremy Hadrava was present to speak on the striping project to be done in the City.  Plan sheets were shown to the Council.  There are two ways to handle it.  The Council can hold a hearing with a 30 day comment period with a 90 day waiting period.  Or the Council can wave the municipal consent.  Mayor stated the Council does have some questions on the project.  Members stated they would like to go through with the process so if people and Council have questions they would be able to ask and get answers before the project is done.  Letting date would be changed if Hadrava gets Municipal consent.  Council agreed to go through with the process.  A public meeting will be held on February 20th from 4 to 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.  Highway 92 projects will now have a March letting due to some changes in the construction.

Clerk informed the Council that Park Attendants Mike & Elaine Brustad will not be returning this summer.  Motion was made by Brovold to advertise for Park Attendants.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.

Discussion was held on funding for a fishing pier.  Park Board asked if the Council would be willing to look into applying for a 50% matching grant.  Applications are due March 30th.  Clerk contacted HRDC and they do have someone who would be able to help with the application.  Approximate cost is unknown at this time.  More information will be brought to the February Council meeting.  

Motion was made by Brovold to sign the construction papers for the 2018 Airport project.  Total project cost is $200,000 with a city share of $10,300. Seconded by Sutherland.  For:  Brovold, Sutherland, Bonik, Michel.  Opposed:  Merschman.  Motion carried.

Discussion was held on the proposed TIF Dist. 2-5 for Galen’s Super Market.  Numbers were reviewed on percentages and years.  Merschman has spoken with Jason Murray from David Drown Associates on the project.  

Councilman Brovold brought up some issues on zoning in the city.  There have been letters sent out by Zoning Officer Masterson.  There are also homeowners in the city that should have fines but nothing has been done that is known.  Mayor will speak with the Police Chief to see what has been done on this.

Masterson reported on the issue of the boiler at the city shop.  It has not been working correctly.  Boiler may need to be replaced.  The Sterling truck also is having more issues.  The insurance company wants Masterson to buy an ozone unit and put that in the cab.  The City Safety Officer has been contacted and will be doing some testing on the truck also.  Mayor stated that an ozone tester should not be used on a truck.  Masterson will move forward on the vehicle as needed.  Masterson reported that Luckens Trucks has a ’98 truck for the cost of around $45,000.  He will look into this further.

Being there was no further business to come before the Board; motion to adjourn was made by Brovold.  Seconded by Sutherland, motion carried.