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Bagley, Minnesota

Gateway to Itasca

For Your Information

Cats and Dogs:  No cat or dog shall be permitted to run at large within the city limits of Bagley.  This does not pertain to cats or dogs that are on a leash and kept under control by a person charged with its care.

All cats and dogs living within the city limits of Bagley are required to have an annual license.  Licenses may be picked up at the City Clerk's Office.

Parking Restrictions:  Always make sure to check for signs and pay attention that some streets have restricted parking at certain times and days of the week.  The best parking advice, especially in the winter, even if you have parked there before:  READ THE SIGNS.  Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Fireworks:  Many popular fireworks are illegal in the State of Minnesota.  Generally speaking, if it goes into the air or goes "Boom", it is illegal.  Sparklers, smoke bombs, burning snakes and similar devices are legal.

Minnesota State Statutes